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Little Tigers

Our world class martial arts program for 3-6 year olds builds strong minds, healthy bodies and lays the foundations for winning attitudes and behaviours.

Kids Martial Arts

Our kids martial arts progam is a traditional taekwondo syllabus for 7-14 year olds. A dynamic martial art with a strong emphasis on spectacular kicking and boxing. Our program incorporates traditional taekwondo with reality based self defence training.

Adults Taekwondo

Traditional korean taekwondo for adults who would like to learn how to defend themselves and their families while learning one of the worlds most dynamic martial arts.

Kick Boxing

JMA's freestyle program is the perfect mix of MMA, incorporating techniques from Boxing, Taekwondo, Muai Thai & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Perfect for beginners and advanced.


JMA's Leadership program is available by invite only to students who show not only exceptional martial arts skills but leadership qualities as well. The program is separate to their normal training and develops their skills as assistant coaches, role models and community members.

Box and Burn

Blending traditional boxing skills with circuit style training, it is the perfect class for anyone who is looking to get fit, burn fat and learn awesome boxing skills

Featured Classes


Little Tigers

Mon - Thur @3:30pm or 4pm | Sat @ 9:30am or 10am


Kids Martial Arts

Mon - Thur @ 4:30pm | Sat @ 10:30am

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JMA KickBoxing

MON & WEDS @ 7:30pm | FRI @ 5:30pm

Customer reviews

These people think we’re awesome. The feeling is mutual!

I recommend absolutely everything about JMA!! The amazingly friendly, professional and dedicated team, and it is such a supportive and positive environment for children to grow up with. I am forever grateful to Colin and Sam and what they did for my son.
Cathy Collishaw
Colin and Sam and their team of instructors are truly inspirational. My girls have flourished in confidence, discipline and determination in the 4-5 years they've been at the club, with the eldest obtaining her 2nd Dan black belt this week, age 12 and the youngest obtaining her 1st Dan black belt this week, age 9. Such an awesome atmosphere for kids to learn and thrive....can't recommend highly enough!
Lucy Adams
Joondalup Martial Arts is a fun and caring environment for my child. The staff totally understand the mental, emotional and physical ability’s for my 6 year old boy and every sessions is designed to encourage and build skills in the students at there level.
Debbie Rowbotham

Introductory Special

$ 19
  • 5 Days of Training
  • FREE Training T-Shirt
  • No Contracts
  • FREE 3 class pass for mum or dad


My Child is shy, how do I get them to participate?

It is really common for children to feel shy and wary of new things and entering a martial arts club can be intimidating, lots of new faces, loud noise and something they may not have seen before. We have full time coaches, assistant coaches and our leadership team all very good at working with shy students. If your child just wants to watch the first class that is fine too and we encourage parents to bring children a few times to help children feel safe and comfortable and in no time they will be asking to come to class!

What age do you start classes?

Little Tigers is our youngest class and starts at 3 years old. We have members ranging in age from 3 – over 60

Will we be locked into a contract?

No. At JMA we have never had contracts, we understand that some people are committed on their black belt journey and others are looking to try a variety of sports.

Will this help my child with bullying?

Absolutely, very quickly they will grow in confidence making them less likely to be targeted and within months they will develop skills that will help them stay safe if they are.

My child has energy to burn will this help them?

Absolutely, the programs are reward based (belts and tagging system) which keeps them focused. Children love praise and to be rewarded for their hard work. The instructors are terrific at motivating the kids and harnessing a child’s natural energy levels to get the best out of them

My OT has recommended martial arts for our child, is your program suitable?

We have OT referrals all the time. We work with a variety of children who are working with OT’s for many different reasons and all see dramatic improvements.

Will martial arts make my child violent?

Absolutely not! One of the first rules we cover is there is no kicking and punching other people.

We teach kids (and adults) self-defense as a tool for personal growth and development. Kids learn to treat others as they want to be treated.

We also teach them how to react in situations in a non-violent manner. If a child is already acting out in a physical way before they start training with us parents will usually see a complete change in behaviour once the child has started training with us. They learn to respect others and not to use violence as a tool.


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