JMA Leadership team

Being a leader has nothing to do with power and status and everything to do with how you make people feel around you, and if you can benefit their life in a positive impactful way, leading by example and always striving for progress.

Our leadership team focuses on positive interaction with others so that our students and coaches will get the most out of their training.

Leadership students are taken through course content and awarded certificates in:

Prevention of Bullying & Harassment, Ethics & Positive Attitude, Health & Vitality, Professionalism, Leadership & Influence, Life skills & Success, Community Service & Philanthropy, personal growth & development, Customer Service.

Students progressing well through this program are the best candidates for JMA Instructor development program.

Become the leader that you have the potential to be.Participation in the JMA Leadership program is by invitation only. If a student is interested in participating in the program please register your interest below.

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