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Patterns Videos

A video of your pattern can be found on this webpage below. Alternatively, updated videos of your pattern and other parts of your training can be found in the following playlist. 

White Belt Basic Pattern

Key points to remember:

1.  The fist of the blocking arm should be positioned about one inch off the knee
2. All punches in this pattern are aimed at the body (solar plexis)
3. Feet should always be positioned with the toes facing forward and positioned shoulder width apart


Taegeuk One - Yellow Belt One Pattern

Key points to remember:

1. Your toes should always be facing forward
2. All punches are to the mid section
3. Pull your toes back when kicking

Taegeuk Two - Yellow Belt Two Pattern

Key points to remember:
1. There are both body punches and face punches in this pattern
2. When you are doing front kick pull the toes back so you are kicking with the ball of your foot.

Taegeuk Three - Yellow Belt Three Pattern

Key points to remember:
1. When you are double punching both punches go to the middle of the body
2. When you are kicking make sure you are pulling your toes back and kicking with the balls of your feet
3. There is a new stance in this pattern called back stance

Taegeuk Four - Blue Belt Pattern

Key points to remember:
1. Back fist comes from the opposite shoulder and the back of your fist strikes down to the bridge of the nose
2. Swallow strike
3. Sidekick make sure you are kicking with a blade foot and kicking with your heel

Taegeuk Five - Blue Belt Two Pattern

Taegeuk Six - Blue Belt Three Pattern

Taegeuk Seven - Red Belt One Pattern

Taegeuk Eight - Red Belt Two Pattern


Keumgang - Black Belt Pattern